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Small Business Health & Safety


Statistics show that small businesses who have a strong health and safety culture that includes comprehensive health and safety procedures, on average reduce their injury and sickness costs by an amazing 20 percent, even up to an incredible 40 percent in some cases!  Almost 95% of business owners report that H&S programs have a positive impact on their company's profits.

Figures suggest that H&S programs can produce a return-on-investment of 3 dollars for every 1 dollar invested in workplace safety. Also, a strong health and safety culture can reduce employee absenteeism by as much as half.

A well planned health and safety program is obtainable even for small businesses, it doesn't have to be an administrative burden if done right.The most important thing is to get your employees actively involved and bought in to the Health and Safety culture from the beginning. 


Health and safety is no longer just viewed as a good idea, but a crucial investment in the business' long term success. Mounting costs of unhealthy employees and the expense and disruption of staff turnover is turning many small business owners to health and safety. The payback in health and safety programs comes in the form of: improved productivity, fewer insurance and worker’s comp claims, less absenteeism, decrease in accidents, reduced staff turnover, higher employee morale, and leads to a better business reputation and customer loyalty.

Unhealthy and absent employees are costly. Businesses incur direct costs such as worker's comp payments, disability costs, replacement employees, equipment damage, and even lost productivity.

By having a health and safety program in place, employers also protect themselves from liability in employee's injury in being exposed to unidentified hazards in the workplace. Employers can be charged in injuries caused to untrained employees. An unhealthy may also threaten the safety of others such as fellow employees, the business owner, and even the customer of the business.

In starting a program, there needs to be commitment. Employers must get a feeling of the seriousness of this new procedure. The planning should be a partnership between the business owner and employees. To be able to actively engage all aspects of the on-going process in the business, the program should consider all of the major health risks in all of the areas of the workplace to meet the needs of all employees.

You should not even have to think about whether or not your small business should have a health and safety program!  Your thoughts should centre around how well you can do it.  In this age of law suits and claims, you simply cannot afford to ignore health and safety.  Dealing with health and safety from the beginning will save your company money in the long run and stop your employees from getting injured.