How To Become Incorporated

How To Become Incorporated


Small Business Incorporation - The Basics

Becoming incorporatedBefore you start the process for your business to become incorporated, you need to understand the all the pros and cons of small business incorporation, and then learn the basics of How To Become Incorporated.

  Importantly, you must: 

Having decided that incorporation is the right move for you, the next stage of becoming incorporated is to make some fundamental decisions about how you are going to set up the business.  










These decisions need to be made before you start the submission process, and regardless of whether you are going to incorporate yourself or use an online incorporation service or attorneys.

The decisions you need to make at this stage are as follows:

  • Choice of Business Name and whether it is available in your chosen State of Incorporation 
  • The Nature of the Business 
  • The number of shares to be made available 
  • The amount of stock the owners will be allowed to purchase 
  • The amount and type of financial investment each owner will make 
  • The bylaws under which the company will operate 
  • The management structure of the business 

Once all of the decisions above have been made, you can finally decide on how to become incorporated from the following choices:


  • Go ahead and Incorporate Online today, there are lots of online business incorporation services to choose from 
  • Use an online Incorporation Service and benefit from their specialist knowledge 
  • Self Incorporate offline by completing your own Incorporporation Forms that can be purchased here 
  • Seek detailed Taxation Advice from a Tax Professional who specialises in small business incorporation 
  • If you feel you need more detailed information on the Incorporation process, but don't want to incur attorney's or tax specialist's fees at this stage, read this recommended book, it is comprehensive and will save you money in the future. 

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